Jozi – My Newly Found Little Paradise.

Oh man, over a year since I last posted on catchsarah! It wasn’t a decision, it just happened. Everyday life was hectic and superseded all inspiration, I no longer seemed to have the right thing to write about, and at some point I felt like this next post – breaking the radio silence – needed to be perfect in a way.

Until now. In Joburg. Where I suddenly found myself to be in the right space.

Oh Jozi. It’s not the first time I’ve visited. But it’s the first time I really fell for you. You managed to instantly take me out of my day-to-day world and into this state of contentment. After the long Swiss winter that felt so grey and dark in many ways you were just the right place for me.

I totally love your distinct dry, fruity scent in the air, that smells like sweet wood. The African sun, that is strong, even when the sky is covered in clouds. The crickets at night and the birds singing during the day. The earthy colours: blue, green, grey, often bleached by the sun into a perfect tone on tone match. The dog making a racket when hitting its tail against a chair or something out of excitement to see you. And finally the peacefulness inside the garden. The garden I shall call the secret garden.

Jozi, so long…

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Blue Lake Annecy

You know, I love this place: Lake Annecy, Haute Savoie, France. It might be for the company I had, or for spring finally arriving in Europe, or maybe just for the spell of it. But I was once again dazed by its beauty when I spent last weekend there. There’s something about it, a purity that goes beyond being supposedly the cleanest lake in Europe. I suggest you go and see for yourself, and experience the relaxing effect of blue lake Annecy…

Pictures taken: June 2011. Talloires, Annecy.

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Room for Sweet Hours – Barceló Raval’s Deluxe

A stylish hotel with a cool rooftop terrace like at Barceló Raval asks for awesome rooms. Indeed, pretty sleek in design, kept all in white, lime-green and pink, the deluxe rooms give a spacious feel thanks to their amazing window surface. If you’re lucky enough to get a room on the 10th floor (thanks Splendia!), the view is certainly one to get used to!

Stay connected with your mobile devices, plug your iPhone into the docking station and listen to your music while having a complimentary Nespresso coffee (don’t look for little espresso cups there aren’t any).

Fully devoted to design, the room lacked some functionality. I loved the shower that is open to the room, but awkward moments might arise should you not know your fellow guest too well. Also, as soon as it’s dark outside the pink neon light makes it close to impossible to find that shirt you wanted to wear for your night out. But no need to worry about this if you decide to go naked. Which should also solve the shower problem for you…

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So There’s a Rooftop Terrace at Barceló Raval?

One of the better things to do in Barcelona after a day of exploring the city is to chill on Barceló Raval’s rooftop terrace! Take in the stunning 360°-panorama view over the city, relax in the sun, listen to the lounge music and sip a glass of champagne…

Pure bliss!

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